32 Chipped High-Capacity Compatible Canon Pixma CLI-8 Ink Cartridges (4 Sets)

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4 x CLI-8BK Black; 4 x CLI-8C Cyan (Blue); 4 x CLI-8M Magenta; 4 x CLI-8Y Yellow; 4 x CLI-8PC Photo Cyan; 4 x CLI-8PM Photo Magenta; 4 x CLI-8R Red; 4 x CLI-8G Green.

Fully Compatible with the Canon Pixma PRO 9000 & PRO 9000 Mk II Printers.

The Latest Chips the Maximum ML Capacity of any Compatible Ink Cartridge. 2 Year Guarantee on all Cartridges. ISO9001 standard

100% 30-day money back guarantee.

All cartridges are individually sealed and brand-new. We may minimise postage charges and the impact on the environment by loose-packing cartridges in jiffy bags or postal boxes - i.e. they may not be in individual cartridge boxes. This also allows us to pass the savings on to you

Canon Pixma PRO 9000, Canon Pixma PRO 9000 Mk II
Canon PRO 9000, Canon PRO 9000 Mk II
Canon 9000, Canon 9000 Mk II
Pixma PRO 9000, Pimxa PRO 9000 Mk II

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